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Creative Producer for SEEN Enfield

SEEN Enfield is a 360 film project celebrating and elevating community stories through digitally immersive, theatrical performance. 5 films were created and shared in headsets, at pop ups across Enfield - in libraries, arts centres and heritage sites. I applied for and successfully recieved ACE funding for this project.


I like to produce and manage projects that create space for participants, audiences and collaborators to grow their creative skills and expand their worldviews. I’m inspired by generating opportunities for individuals and groups, who have different lived experience and perspectives, to collaborate.


SEEN has been a chance to delve into all these values whilst also focusing on creative outcomes that are fuelled by curiosity, imagination and an ambition to make VR a tool for cultural engagement for people from all walks of life. It’s all about wondering what is possible, what opportunities we can create for audiences and artists, and embracing the process of learning and growing our craft as artists. 


You can learn more about this project via the SEEN Stories website here

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Artist in Residence for SPINE Festival

I worked on both SPINE Festival 2023 and 2021 as a theatre/visual arts practitioner. On both occassions I was partnered with a poet to devise and deliver workshops around the themes of empathy and kindness with children aged 5-7 and 8-10 year olds. These were delivered in schools and libraries, and the workshops were built around a story frame-work that took the young people into imaginative worlds that enabled them to connect more effectively with the subject matter. A mix of movement, drama-based work, poetry writing and drawing was used as forms of creative expression. I really enjoyed the work in libraries - recognising these spaces as key cultural hubs for the community.  This project took place in Lewisham, Southwark, Ealing and Hammersmith. 

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NYT of GB Associate Artist

As an Associate Artist for NYT my work in the last couple of years has included mentoring 2 sets of emerging practitioners through the Inclusion Collective. We worked in partner SEN schools to develop workshopped performance material - exploring movement, simple story-telling techniques, games/play based creativity and sensory worlds. I delivered alongside the mentees, as well as supporting their own planning. The key to this work was considering the needs of individuals, creating adaptable content and offering an empowering space for young people with disabilities to express themselves fully. 

 I have also run 2 intake courses for new members. In 2021 this took the form of a three week intensive with an ensemble of 18-21 year olds exploring a range of theatrical disciplines and devising processes - culminating in a final performance sharing

This image was created in response to a sensory workshop with a Year 7 group on the project

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Southwark Playhouse Young Company Co-Director

I was the Co-Director for Southwark Playhouse Young Company 14-18 year olds for 3 years. Half of this time was spent online delivering creative sessions and intensives via zoom during social restrictions/lockdowns. We ran classes in writing, developing solo pieces of devised performance, using objects for storytelling and movement. The final project I worked on, with my fantastic collaborator David Gilbert, was a devised show called MAKE LEMONADE; a piece of work that explored the question 'what's a story worth telling?’ and created space for playful devising through ensemble physical theatre, clowning, creative writing and monologue with a cast of 10 young people. 


CHICKENSHED Young Company Creative Team

My role within the creative leadership team for the Chickenshed Young Company spanned 4 years. I was a director, a writer, a dramaturg and overall creative support on several productions - from small scale studio pieces with a cast of 20 to large-scale gig theatre with a cast of 200. Chickenshed's inclusive ensemble theatre practice was a huge part of my further training/up-skilling beyond University.


During this time I was also the Young Company administrator - where I responsible for communications with stakeholders and parents around schedules, subscriptions, creative opportunities and performance licensing etc. 


(For more work I have done with Chickenshed on their D&I training programme please click here...) 

CHICKENSHED China Outreach

On two occasions I have gone to China with Chickenshed on outreach for R&D weeks and performer/teacher training. Working in a different cultural space, with a translator, was a unique and exciting challenge. I really loved how this space encouraged real clarity and imagination in how we facilitate. And it highlighted how theatre practice is a universal tool for expression and creating bonds in communities all over the world. 

Tramshed Woolwich Associate 

Tramshed Woolwich brought me on board as a Director the a community performance of 'Girls Like That’ by Evan Place I worked with a group of 13-19 year olds to put on the play, alongside creative workshops that allowed to reflect on the themes and share important perspectives. We also worked with a designer to explore the world of the play through visuals and props, with became a key part of the final performance. 

Following this project I went on to be facilitate Easter and Summer programmes on Zoom during 2020 for 8-12 year olds

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