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Lead Practitioner for Diversity & Inclusion Training 

The value of a focus on Diversity and Inclusion is threaded through all my creative projects. Having been involved with Chickenshed for much of my career, a theatre company pioneering inclusion, it became a natural and vital aspect of my worldview. 

I was Programme Development and Lead Facilitator on the D&I training at Chickenshed for several years, working with teams and orgs across sectors; arts, charity, heritage and corporate. I supported a diverse team with a range of lived experiences and learning needs to develop their own facilitation practice as Lived Experience Experts in this field. I designed the learning experience and resources that accompanied our workshops. I also supported the re-branding and developed marketing assets for the programme. I was a key contact for clients, which involved initial meetings and included post training relationships. 

My role in this area of the company hugely pushed and expanded my capacity to adapt and respond to various environments and contexts when creating/designing learning spaces

As an independent practitioner I have also designed and run learning spaces for inclusive practice development for freelance pools and leadership teams in arts spaces including Rose Theatre Kingston, 20 Stories High and National Association of Youth Theatres 

Creative Leadership Development 

I have extensive experience of designing and delivering in spaces focused on professional development. I have worked with people from a wide range of professions and sectors to support their learning and growth - with particular focus on leadership styles, purpose, values and inclusive team collaboration. 

On several occasions I have worked with executive leadership coach, Jeremy Keeley, who has 30  years of experience in the field- delivering work for freelance organisational coaches and leadership teams for global companies. 

I offer a range of skillsets to these spaces - bringing my playful/theatre focused background, my visual art practice and my reflective mentoring experience 

If you're interested in working with me to enhance your individual or team learning experience, please do get in contact 

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