Discovering the Joy of Illustration


I've always been a visual learner and doodler but I started properly committing myself to the craft of illustration in early 2020. Just as the real world started shutting down I found a number of imagined worlds at the end of a (digital) pen.


As you scroll you will see a mixture of rough ideas, work linked to stories I am writing, educational pieces and collaborations/commissions

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I was interested to see how one might encapsulate 

huge emotional experience around micro-aggressions and exclusion, in a smaller number of words- especially when combined with an image.

These are designs created from my learning around bias, and its impacts, through my work and interactions/conversations with a variety of other wonderful humans and perspectives.

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Collaborations and Commissions  

I've teamed up with poet Gemma Barnett to bring her beautiful words to life on the page



I like to work with a variety of aesthetics and stimulus when creating my art.

It is often very emotionally instinctive or inspired by pieces of writing/poetry.

As a collaborator I can work well to specific briefs or be allowed to roam free- I love the creative conversation that surrounds illustration 

Untitled_Artwork 31

flowers 2

Untitled_Artwork 29

Cosmic Rumble

Cosmic Rumble

Farm Life

Day and Night


First I created the texture of the wallpaper, then the words came

Floating and Fleeting


Man In Art Gallery

Isolation Installation


Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Mountains of Colour


Inspired by walks in the Forest of Dean

Autumnal Breakfast



Lemn Sissay's poetry serving as inspirat


Mary Oliver Quote: "Finally I saw that worrying had come to nothing. And gave it up. And took my old body and went out into the morning, and sang.”

Opposing Weather Fronts

Inspired by the storms in London in August

Present Moment

Emily Dickinson's wisdom


Inspired by a poem by my friend Greta in Melbourne lockdown

Bits of us

Was playing with liquify feature and saw something anatomical and biological appear

To be seen

David Brooks and his brilliant brain

Conversations with Parents

Corporate Slave

There is irony in the darkness of this image. The words came after what I saw in my instinctive doodle. Seemed like a absurd world in the head of a commuter going to a job they hate in the city...



Carp(e Diem)

Walk in the Costwolds

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