• millyrolle

A Meeting in the Woods

In search of some meaning in all this

I have found at times I have wrung myself out to dry

So I guess I wrote this down for anyone who feels lost

Anyone at all

No matter who you are

You matter

As does your neighbour

And the person who lives across the road

And the woman across the world

And the teacher

And the child

And the activist

And the man who sleeps under the bridge

And the shopkeeper

And the civil servant

And the nurse

And the patient

Who all in one simultaneous moment may a feel their sense of their place in all this weigh heavy

I guess I wrote this to remind you of something

Whoever you are

That everything we perceive is a model of reality

And that nothing is certain

But that if you wrap your arms around yourself

At least you know you are here



In the morning light

Eyes in the mirror

Iris shrinking and dilating

Back and forth

The vacuum of space waits patiently for your body to return to it

On a hilltop

Screaming into the wind

Imagining your body gliding with the dust

Oblivion beautiful and safe

The enormity of it all clasping at your limbs

Thoughts catching on fire

Free thought

Curious thought

Projected through time

Somewhere from deep within

A part of you that not yet visited

But somehow ancient


And says you, are all you can be certain of

The power in you

Lighting whole cities

Or perhaps just a single desk lamp at midnight

But either way

For now you are here

Here you are


A force

Attending to living

Intended for life

Everything you need you have within yourself

Make no mistake

You and your power

To come home to yourself

And find wholeness there

Even in the moments of breaking

As the earth shook and the world divided up into the 7 continents

And the forests burned

And the sun was blocked from the sky

The tiny creatures went underground

Into tunnels

And there they



Until they emerged blinking into the sun

All is not lost

You did not stray far

You just forgot yourself momentarily

Return to you in the most difficult of moments

In the extension of the world’s beginnings

In the extension of the brightness from that star that died so long ago

With it’s light still shining furiously in the dark

Come home

To wherever home is

Attend to your space or roll in the mess

And then find the back door is open

So, should you wish, you can slip out

Into the cool night air

Feel your jacket hug your body

And set off again

You, your own companion

The guide on new terrain

Your shoes worn in you have done this before

You wake up everyday and do this

You are a master of your trade

Your trade is you and living in this body

No matter inner working or outer shell

You in this mind

And you know what you know

And if you don’t know it now

It means you just don’t know it yet

But you will

You will come to that clearing in the wood

On a calm spring day

And when you are there

You will meet with yourself

And a blanket of peace will hug your shoulders

And something in that moment lead to an acceptance of things as they are

And a hope in the prospect of change

And a leaning into the unknown

And you will sense many others

Not so far away

Meeting themselves in a clearing

So that one day you may all exchange glances

And then words of kindness

And then gifts of all the stories that must be told

And time

From its origins to its eventual end

Like a circle

Will envelop us all