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Facilitating a shift in mindset...

‘As I shift the patterns of my own participation in the systems of privilege, I make it easier for others to do so as well, and harder for them not to. Simply by setting an example - rather than trying to change them - I create the possibility of their participating in change in their own time and in their own way. In this way I widen the circle of change without provoking the kind of defensiveness that perpetuates paths of least resistance and the oppressive systems they serve’ 

- Alan G Johnson 

Working with diverse communities and perspectives has enabled my development of methods to explore various inclusive leadership approaches. In analysing my own experience of what it means to truly connect with difference and celebrate that experience- I have found a joy in supporting other professionals on their own learning journey whatever their role, industry or interest.


I have worked with a range of clients from independent organisational coaches and HR directors to Youth Theatre Practitioners and small business owners.   

I also lead training as part of a team at Chickenshed. Clients range from British Theatre Guild to NHS; from Public Health to architectural firms; from Lloyds Bank to Warner Bros Studios. 

Workshops includes various learning areas and can be adapted to a range of professional environments and contexts:


  • Understanding the biases that underpin our decision making and interactions and becoming aware of how to mitigate them 

  • Delving into various expressions of power that operate within us and our systems 

  • Exploring the worldview that makes up our lens on this issue as individuals and how that translates to the spaces/groups we contribute to 

  • Considering labels/stereotypes and the spectrum of exclusion

  • Visualising the change you want to see through a series of creative learning tools

Please email milly.rolle@gmail.com for more information and to discuss your specific learning needs/framework 


 'A very worthwhile investment. I feel refreshed and feel that I received many gifts from you and my fellow participants. I am sure the insights, provocations and input will have a lasting effect'. - Coach and Communications Consultant 

' I loved the process of building something that was really quite personal and then the absolute value of collaborating with another person to get their insights and to enhance the original work. I feel like it’s a message that I can really buy into and encourage people to do the same - to consider the value of including the views of others' - HR Director

'Milly allowed for really good self-reflection in a safe space' - Producer in Creative Organisation

'I found the bias exercises really eye-opening...it was a bit of 'wow' moment to realise things about myself and my thinking that I hadn't investigated before'

- Facilitator in Arts organisation