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As a Creative Learning Facilitator, I am drawn to possiblility. That is to say, I am genuinely interested in what potential and unexpected growth exists in a process or learning space for a diverse world of participants and collaborators.


My focus is on learning and development through a range of art forms, activities and processes. Recent projects and roles have included mentoring and facilitating drama projects in SEND schools for NYT, Creative Producing a community focused 360 film project, leading on D&I training with Chickenshed, offering graphic recording skills as an illustrator and facilitating workshops in libraries for children.


There is a great deal of variety in my work and I believe this is my greatest asset.


I think we all have the capacity to surprise ourselves in terms of what we can achieve and what we can enjoy. I’m good at helping people grow their connection to others and to themselves. I think my purpose is to bring a combination of reflective power and perspective to any space I work in, as well as an offer to play and be curious with the tools and resources at hand for each project. 

See My Work Areas page for navigation to different strands of my experience 

Hello, I'm Milly

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