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Here is a little bit about me; what I do and why I do it.


There are currently 3 main strands to my work: collaboration with communities with a frequent focus on young people’s engagement in the arts; leading training in spaces of organisational and professional development with a focus on Diversity, Inclusion and Bias; and writing and illustrating independent work. I have contributed to various organisations/spaces through creative learning, devising theatre, providing mentoring and consultancy.


I am a Creative Associate at Chickenshed, where I have spent many years immersed in the practice of youth-led work, developing the D&I and Unconscious Bias training programmes and on outreach projects both in the UK and China. Other important places of work and creative contribution include, but are not limited to: The Roundhouse, The Rose Kingston, NCS The Challenge, Ovalhouse, Southwark Playhouse (Young Company Director), National Youth Theatre (Associate Artist), Tramshed, 20SH, Pimlico Schools Foundation, Apples and Snakes, The Change Collective via Guildhall School of Innovation. 

Recent work in 2021 includes an Artist in Residence position for SPINE 2021 with Apples and Snakes delivering workshops on the theme of 'empathy' with children. I was also a Senior Course Director for NYT intake over the summer, delivering 3 weeks of ensemble theatre making content with 18-21 year olds. I am currently continuing to work with NYT this Autumn, in mentoring emerging practitioners through their inclusive practice, as part of an imbedded Drama provision in two partner SEN schools.


All my workshops and learning tools are designed with the belief that artistic practice and creative collaboration is one of the greatest tools to action social change and empowerment for a wide spectrum of individuals, communities and organisations. For me, creative processes are about discovering unexpected, delightful and empowering connection, whilst also celebrating our differences. My approach embraces these core values- encouraging participants to throw themselves into play, reflection and spontaneous creation to better understand themselves, each other and the wider world around them. 

I am multifaceted in my aims and my processes. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown in the UK  I spent a great deal of time in conversation, in trainings, with peer networks - via Guildhall School of Innovation and 64 Million Artists- exploring the process of meaningful change, navigating uncertainty, the values underpinning creative learning for all and co-creation. I pride myself on this focus of my work as a freelancer- gaining insights and continuously learning through expanding my awareness across the arts sector and beyond.