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Hi, I'm Milly

About My Work

I am a creative learning practitioner using reflective, playful, collaborative tools rooted in the visual and performing arts. I invite community groups and working teams to ground themselves in authenticity, expand their perspective and work their creative muscles in a caring and collaborative environment. I cultivate curiosity and inclusivity amongst groups and between individuals.


My work can serve multiple purposes 


  • supporting people to reconnect with core purpose, set mindful intentions and enhance their self awareness in their lives and work

  • supporting people to discover a greater sense of play and joyful connection in their lives and work

  • supporting skills development from exploration of leadership styles to inclusive team collaboration

  • supporting the development of live, interactive or curated artistic experiences 

Collaborating with Me 
A Visual Exploration

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More About Me 

I have been a freelancer since the beginning of my career and love the diversity of the work I do. I appreciate the consistent opportunities to expand and share my skills, the chance to regularly widen my worldview, and the privilege to connect with such a wide range of people and places in the process

I am always excited by the opportunity to travel and experience different places, environments and cultures - both across the UK and Internationally 

I began properly developing my visual art focused practice in 2020 during Covid lockdown.  I reintroduced myself to the world at the end of a pen and a paintbrush, and the possibilities of using both physical and digital materials to build exciting visual worlds and express imaginative ideas. I haven't looked back!

I regularly invest time in my personal and professional development to increase my skills and knowledge. I'm a part of the Sadler Heath network, engaged in the Co-Creating with Communities Course with 64 Million Artists and I am a member of the Inky Goodness Collective for illustrators and designers.

I am an 'introverted extrovert' (although who really needs the label). I feel it means I gain positive energy from both the space to connect and vibe with people socially and professionally, and I also highly value space to reflect in my own time and work on my own personal development to recharge

I am a balance of both silly and sincere. Personally and professionally, I can be relied upon to inject humour and playfulness when it's encouraged and provide genuine care and guidance when it's most needed. I pride myself on this greatly.

I have actively engaged with inclusive and diverse communities throughout my youth and my adult working life, with particular gratitude to and acknowledgment of Chickenshed Theatre, a organisation that enabled me to consistently engage with and celebrate diverse perspective and people with a wide range of lived experience.  As such I will always carry a mindfulness of how I can contribute to and encourage inclusivity across working sectors and social spaces on both a small and larger scale. 

I live in (and I am from) North London

I studied Drama at UEA in Norwich, UK from 2012-2015

With this original background in drama, I have experience of performing and devising theatre shows. I especially loved exploring clowning and physical theatre as part of my training, and this comes through in my facilitation style and approach today!

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